eStars Coaches Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / June 9, 2009

The two coaches have been chosen for the eStars Continental Cup. Kim Yang Jung from WeMadeFoX and Sam Mathews from Fnatic were given the honor of coaching the best players from the East and West.

Yet again a former Starcraft professional has been chosen to lead Team East. Last year, eStars chose Kim “Garimto” Dong-Soo a former member of KFT MagicNs, whereas this year the WeMadeFox manager Kim Yang Jung is the one chosen for the job.

Last year Jørgen “XeqtR” Johannessen the former CS legend was picked to coach Team West, but this year eStars has chosen a “Brit”, as CEO and founder of fnatic Sam “zr0” Mathews is given the nod.

Participating Teams and Players:

Team West

Counter-Strike 1.6: SK Gaming, fnatic and mTw
Warcraft 3: Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen, Pedro ‘LucifroN’ Moreno Duran, Dennis ‘HasuObs’ Schneider

Team East

Counter-Strike 1.6: WeMade FOX, k23 and TyLoo
Warcraft 3: June ‘Lyn’ Park, Jae Ho ‘Moon’ Jang, Weiliang ‘Fly100%’ Lu


Source: SK Gaming