ESWC 2010 Prizes Released

BY Andrew Miesner / February 1, 2010

ESWC just released their new website. This year they have added two more games to the list, Quake live and DotA. DJ Hero will not be played but replaced by Guitar Hero. This year’s pot size has increased from $200k to $213,500.

The ESWC 2010 Grand Finals will be in Disneyland, Paris and the famous entertainment park in the Paris neighborhood.

ESWC 2010 competitors will divide the prize money of $213,500 between the World Champions and their challengers in several tournaments

Counter Strike
Counter Strike Women
Warcraft 3: Frozen throne
Track mania ESWC
Virtual tennis
Need for speed Shift
Street Fighter 4
Fifa 2010
Quake Live
Guitar Hero

The qualification process will start in January 2010. Games Solution is aiming to gather 32 countries to participate in the ESWC come back.