ESWC Announces Sweden Qualifiers

BY Andrew Miesner / April 16, 2010

Late yesterday, ESWC announced that Game Solutions and Swedish E-Sports Associations have come to an agreement to host the Swedish qualifications for ESWC. The games that will be represented in the finals in Paris are Counterstrike 1.6, Street Fighter IV, Quakelive and Guitar Hero .

Below is the official press release from

Jönköping, 13 April 2009 Today we proudly announce that GAMES SOLUTION closed the deal with Swedish E-Sport Association, to host the Swedish qualifications for ESWC.

Games that will be represented for Sweden’s participation to the finals in Paris are as follows:

Counterstrike 1.6
Street Fighter IV
Guitar Hero 5

We will appoint Sweden’s representatives for Counter – Strike 1.6 in the tournament ”Swedish championship” together with Fragbite the 17-18 of April at the Gamingcenter Matrix in Stockholm.

”We are of course very proud that we get to arrange the Swedish qualifications 2010. We realized that Sweden of course must take part in the well renowned tournament in Paris. As we have been responsible and have held other qualifications we thought in the best interest of E-Sport and took it upon us to host a task no one else seemed willing to take, thanks to the initiative from the E-sport team Druidz. And now we aim to do our best for ESWC and the players themselves, even though time is short we will go all out for the games we have chosen to hold within the E-Sport witch I think the E-Sporters will be satisfied with.” – Daniel Abdiu, Swedish E-Sport Association

Other representatives for Sweden will be appointed under one weekend preliminary the 5th-6th of June. Street Fighter Iv and QuakeLive will be played at GameCity Gamingcenter in Jönköping and in the evening Guitar Hero 5 takes the stage at one of Jönköpings most renowned night clubs or Gamecity. It all ends with a unforgettable E-Sports party with all the qualified players and the four games are in focus.

”ESWC have under many years been very popular and at the same time one of the bigger international E-Sport event every year. It feels fantastic that the qualifications will be held and we can show the other countries what Sweden can do. Unfortunately due to short notice and planning we can only hold the qualifications for four games this time around, but better that then miss out on this great opportunity for Sweden”.– Andreas Westman, Event Coordinator

MediaPartner will be CtrlAltElite who will be in charge for all the media production and at the event make documentation including, photography, interviews and so on. We of course welcome other E-Sport medias to follow the qualifications.

More information will come soon. The national homepage for ESWC Swedish qualifications will be up soon with all the information.

About Swedish E-Sport Association AB:

Swedish E-Sport Association AB strives to establish E-Sport in Sweden and to provide, satisfy the participants, players interests and needs. Swedish E-Sport Association have for example organized the well known league SNL – Swedish National league that was linked with the best and most serious players with licenses and player cards for players in Sweden. Swedish E-Sport Association also arranged the qualifications for KODE5, the cooperation with organizations such as CPL and WSVG and have been part of creating tournaments on many occasions and numerous game releases. Swedish E-Sport Association has as goal to give to all E-Sport players better possibilities to participate, create new marketing possibilities for companies and create a bigger interest for E-Sport to the public by using the media as an information channel.

About CtrlAltElite:

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Source: ESWC