ESWC at E3 and Games Com

BY Andrew Miesner / May 26, 2010

Several months ago, we reported that ESWC was listed as a participant in the E3 event that will be taking place on June 15-17th in Los Angeles, California. With no announcement of a US qualifier, it was suspected that the ESWC booth would house a tournament area or stage.

Unfortunately, ESWC has announced that they will be attending the event only to expand their international presence. They have also announced that they will be attending Games Com in Cologne, Germany.

Below is the official release:


In order to maintain the ESWC’s international development, our team will be at E3 in Los Angeles, USA, from June 15th to 17th. The E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is the worldwide biggest video games show.

We are also going to be at the Games Com in Cologne, Germany, the biggest event in Europe for video games from June 19th to 22nd.

If you wanna visit us, we will be at « Le Pavillon Français » with Ubifrance.


For more information on ESWC’s plans, visit their official site.