ESWC Brand Purchased

BY Andrew Miesner / August 7, 2009

There were rumors recently that the ESWC brand had been purchased by a French organization recently. ESportsFrance confirmed the rumor saying that Stephane Cosse, the head of DIP Communication and DIP Organization, has indeed purchased the brand for a little over 50,000 EUR. DIP is an indoor and outdoor event organizer.

For that price tag of 50,000 EUR, Cosse inherited the ESWC brand along with the corresponding websites and

Other information uncovered was that Cosse was one of the lead figures behind ClickArena, an event that was held back in 2003 which a $50,000 cash purse. This event, like the CyberXGames, faked the prize money and none of the participating teams received their prizes once the events had concluded.

Stay tuned to as the story unfolds about the new owner of ESWC!

Source: SK Gaming