ESWC: Korea Counter Strike Preview

BY Andrew Miesner / May 2, 2009

Who is going to win?

The Electronic Sports World Cup is upon us. In this event, some of the best counter strike 1.6 teams will be battling it out for the first place prize. The event will take place May 2nd – May 5th 2009 and it will be held at the Cheonan International e-Sports Culture Festival. This festival will be held in the Yu Gwanun Gymnasium and Cheonan Sports Complex in Korea. The groups are as follows:

Group A

WeMadeFox (South Korea)

wNv (China)

Team EG (USA)

TBA (South Korea)

Group B

Speeder (Japan)

Mousesports (Germany)

Alchemists (Norway)

TBA (South Korea)

Group C

SK Gaming (Sweden)

WICKED (Poland)

Fnatic (Sweden)

Team Immunity (Australia)

Group D

mTw (Denmark)

Team Titans (Singapore)

Hinet-UMX (Taiwan)

TBA (South Korea)

Group A is one of the stronger brackets in the whole tournament, just going off of past results. wNv is a huge powerhouse in China. WeMadeFox from South Korea is arguably one of top teams, if not the best from South Korea. Team EG has just picked up one of the more famous European players, and is hoping to bring about some change to their team they enter this huge event.

For group B, they have one popular team that everyone has heard of and that team is the German powerhouse, Mousesports. Mouse has been very dominant in the German scene as of lately and are in great form for this event. The other two teams, Alchemists of Norway and Speeder of Japan are relatively unknown, but do not count them out. To make it to this event you cannot be a bad team, so look for them to pull off some upsets.

Group C has a three way rivalry battle at hands. You have SK Gaming, WICKED (Ex-MYM) and Fnatic all in one group. We should see some great matches coming out of that group. SK Gaming playing up to their fullest lately and showing everyone what they are capable of. Fnatic with their two relatively new pickups, Gux and Get Right leading the board, and just winning Intel Extreme Masters a few months earlier are feeling good about themselves. WICKED has just resigned with a new team, and are looking to start playing again. They have been rather silent the past month so it will be interesting to see what they can do.

In group D you have team mTw from Denmark, Team Titans from Singapore and Hinet-UMX of Taiwan. Again, this group will be one of those rather unknown groups to decide. mTw is the most known of the three teams, and they are an excellent team. They have some great teamwork and players, and are looking to push all the way through and win this event.

There are still 3 unannounced teams that will be participating in ESWC: Korea. It should be an event that will live in the memories of the viewers for years to come. Putting all of these top teams into a LAN Tournament should excite each and every viewer and fan. Cheer your team on, and best of luck to all participants.