ESWC: Sweden Counter-Strike Qualifier Winners

BY Andrew Miesner / April 18, 2010

Today, ESWC announced the winners of the Swedish Counter-Strike 1.6 Qualifier. Below is the official press release from

This weekend Swedish qualifier for ESWC were decided together with Swedish Masters at Matrix gaming center in Stockholm.

Winners from Swedish Masters wins tickets to Paris and the ESWC finally.
After 2 days of gaming Team H2K won first prize. H2k won after 3 maps played and with hard work and effort from both teams.

H2k vs. Playzone – 2-1
Train: 16-14
Nuke: 2-16
Dust2: 16-9

Final Results:

1. H2k – 18 000 sek + ESWC-Tickets
2. Playzone – 8 000 sek
3. MYM – 4 000 sek
4. Limbokungen

H2K line up are as follow:

Source: ESWC