European Game Series Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / March 10, 2011

In a press release via their website, a Dutch company has announced the European Game Series, an organization that focuses on creating live events, online media and a developed workspace for the eSports community as a whole.

According to the EGS website, the organization will also provide live TV broadcasts from their 300 square meter broadcast facility, with Full-HD streams to over 40 countries, 60 platforms and networks.

The press release reads:


“EGS operates game content and competition on television and the Internet, paid online game competitions with live gaming events on national and international TV channels. In this way, “hidden” online game talents will grow to become international TV stars and anybody can enter the competitive gaming scene.”

EGS, adds:

“Games are not just for playing for fun, there is now a mature eSports Market. We want to develop this market even further, and expand to a type of World Wide Olympic level. The games market is the world’s fastest growing market and offers space for creative ideas and spin-off. […]

The new Internet platform from EGS will allow the game audience to connect and play competitively on all major games. Soon to be found on and .” [Neither of the websites are currently operable.] stay tuned for release of both the TV and online series platform.

As well as organizing gaming events, EGS holds a “Knowledge lab” which is dedicated to help people who are interested to set up business in the gaming-industry through various methods such as training and entrepreneurship, offering office and workspace, providing funds for an interesting business plan, etc…

EGS will announce both the competitive games and prizes for the series in the near future. We see the need for a fully funded, budgeted and complete format. Making sure gamers are paid their prize-money is a first positive step in eSports events.

We want to make sure our events are a full show with mainstream entertainment, an experience for both gamers and visitors. Everybody has to leave home with warm feelings and chills of what has been an exhilarating couple of days, visiting our events.

With the funding of the local government, KMM group and Technofund Flevoland, we are sure we can bring gamers a long-lasting and welcome new initiative. EGS has sold a minority share of 30%.

Technofund Flevoland

René Krijger, fund manager of the Techno Fund: “with help of EGS, many IT students can get to work, this assures a nice connection at the Flevoland established ICT training colleges. The Fund focuses on Techno and companies involved in innovative processes, products or techniques. EGS provides an overall concept of fun, (e)sports, health, knowledge and an innovative game concept which is worth funding and growing”.

KMM Group

The KMM Group is a holding company with approximately 30 companies specializing in knowledge, marketing and media. The KMM Group stands for innovation in diversity.

Managing Director of KMM Meine Breemhaar: “EGS combines creativity with ambition. Establishment of the game company on the Creative Campus, owned by MAC ³ PARK Business Centers, is therefore a welcome addition for Almere.

EGS will be based in Almere at the Creative Campus in a newly created 700m2 office and TV-Studio building.


In one of the most appealing aspects of the announcement, the EGS refers to their Creative Campus, an office complex that will play host to the EGS office as well as the “Incubator and Knowledge Lab.”


EGS is all about supporting young and enthusiastic graduates and young entrepreneurs to set up their own game company and game-related business.

We are willing to help as subcontractor by:

  • Training your entrepreneurship, competence and skills
  • Offering flexible and affordable office and workspace
  • Providing funds to create new ideas if presented through a business plan
  • Our own network and government connections to support for doing international business
  • Networking with coaches and consultants on every aspect of working in the games industry
  • Access to a network with other game companies
  • Help with technical, financial and legal challenges.

We want to see graduates succeed and create a stable and healthy market in Flevoland.


For more information about the EGS, click here.