evolution Interviewed by WES

BY Andrew Miesner / May 10, 2010

Recently, the WES (World Electronic Sports) website has released an interview with our very own Scott “evolution” Cavallero. The interview with Scott discusses the current coL vs EG rivalry as well as their upcoming trip to Arbalet Europe. An excerpt can be found below:


– What’s your relations with the manager of coL, Jason Lake? Is he the man in charge for all line-up changes? Our relationship with Jason as well as all of the managers is great and we talk with them daily. As far as the roster changes are concerned, Jason is only 1/3 of the owners so he has to confer with Jason Bass, as well as Alex Conroy before anything is set in stone.

– Mr.Lake is very charismatic person, can you describe him properly? Do you think he still have enough enthusiasm to support his brainchild called сomplexity?
He’s extremely charismatic, intense and still has a ton of passion for compLexity. From phone calls, to ventrilo conversations, just talking with him gives us all even more of a motivation boost because you can really feel the passion he has not only for compLexity but gaming and competition in general. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Jake, he has a family and that’s where his responsibility lays and for that we cannot blame him. With that said however he does his best to watch all our matches and cheer us on along with the compLexity staff, and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to see him at an event later this year.


Read the full interview by clicking here