ex-MYM Turns Down Crack Clan

BY Andrew Miesner / April 22, 2009

Crack Clan today has made a public statement about the recent rumor of the ex-MYM Counter-Strike 1.6 team joining their organization. When it seemed like everything was finalized, the ex-MYM team told Crack Clan late last night that they had received a “better” offer from elsewhere. Crack Clan earlier in the week dropped their team from Finland due to this imminent pickup. Below is Crack Clan’s statement from their website.

Today we planned on announcing the former Meet Your Makers CounterStrike 1.6 team as the new cc// CS1.6 team. After a week of negotiations and finalising contracts we were informed late last night that MYM had a change of heart and wouldn’t be joining. They’ve had a “better” offer elsewhere that they couldn’t resist.

We’re obviously bitterly disappointed about this, everything had been agreed and the rebranding of the new look cc// would have happened today had we not received such news. Collectively the management staff here at cc// have been around for long enough to know that this set back isn’t something that needs to be worried about, we still have the support necessary to continue with our expansion.

This currently leaves us without a CS team. We’ll be on the lookout for a new team in the not too distant future but this experience has left us less than impressed. The planned expansion of cc// will go ahead, we will continue to grow at a steady pace and will continue to take the eSports world by storm, one step at a time.

Check back next week for our new look site, we may even have a few player announcements ready and waiting for you.

The organization that ex-MYM got the offer from is still unknown, so stay tuned as this story develops, along with the story of who Crack Clan might be seeking for their new CS1.6 team.

Crack Clan