Excello.cs Becomes Graffiti

BY Andrew Miesner / March 29, 2010

Weeks after the Excello.cs team publicly requested that the community assist them on their way to ESEA after the Excello Organization refused to pay for any travel to the ESEA Finals or various other events, the team has announced that they are parting ways with the organization. Instead, the team has gone the independent route under the name Graffiti. CJ had this to say to ESEANews.


Were still the same team from last season. We want it all and nothing less. Were going to continue trying to win all the leagues and events we compete in and have fun while doing so. Nothing will change within the team as far as the move from Excello. We are looking for an organization that can support us as we continue this journey.


Graffiti Roster

CJ “cJ_B” Banarsee
Matthew “Lim” Beahan
Alex “hazard” Martins
Paul “pauly” Guerboyan
Jasone “Jstone” Caposello


Graffiti will continue to compete with the same roster in the upcoming season of ESEA (Season 6).