Eximius Announces New Teams

BY Andrew Miesner / March 7, 2010

Tonight, Eximius owner Brad Dick has announced the return of his team with 3 new rosters. Eximius has decided to bring on teams for CoD4 and CS:S. Brad Dick had this to say about one of his newest teams for CS:S:


I was impressed with their application and resume. This team has very little professional experience, the most they have had is a CEVO P placement spot. This is a good start for an amateur team to shine. They have already proven themselves that they are a top contending team, I am just hoping with the name Eximius behind them it can take them over that small hump they have been trying to get over. To all the teams who applied, I promised you an amateur team, I was not lying about that. I appreciate all of your interest and hopefully I will get the chance to be working with you again.


Eximius CoD4

Jaroslaw “Polanski” Jagoda 
Mark “CB!” Rokowski 
Joe “melkor” DeMarco 
Shane “Nuz” Carter 
Theo “darkk” Tijssen 
Matt “criminaL” Bradley

Eximius CS:S

Adam “Adam” Kelly 
Avery “avery” Jennings 
Devon “devon0” Wilcox 
Miles “miles” Barnes 
Pedram “pg” G

Eximius CS:S

Phillip “phiL” Boyd 
Brandon “drAgon” Aiken 
Sam “4sh0t” Mariano 
Brian “brian” Velez 
Adam “zarT” Dunlap

The full press release can be found at TeamEximius.com