Eye of the Naniwa

BY Andrew Miesner / September 24, 2011

In an article by Joel Hakalax on WellPlayed.org, Hakalax looks at the life of compLexity’s newest member, John “Naniwa” Lucchesi. From his roots as a “starving” WC3 player, to his current living situation in Korea, the article is a must read for any Naniwa fan.

Below is an excerpt from the article:


That’s why it came as somewhat of a surprise to fans that Naniwa and Team Dignitas would be parting ways at the end of his contract to be picked up by compLexity instead. Perhaps the airtight seal that’s keeping his emotions in check in public is leaking slightly in private? Or perhaps it’s as simple as the fact that Naniwa’s value has skyrocketed compared to where it was at in the beginning of the year and Dignitas would not be able to offer him a competitive contract while still supporting SeleCT and Sjow in Code A as well. Either way, Naniwa is a great pickup for compLexity, who already had been building up a positive relationship with him prior to the announcement.

When Naniwa first arrived in Korea he was staying at the StarTale team house, but due to a miscommunication between GSL and StarTale he was only expected to stay there for a week. So at the end of the week Naniwa needed a new place to practice, and coL.MVP stepped in to save the day. A very generous gesture by the two teams, and surely appreciated by Naniwa.


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Art courtesy of Joel Hakalax