Fallen Interviewed

BY Andrew Miesner / October 14, 2010

Yesterday, Good Game, a Russian Esports, released an interview with coL’s own Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo following CompLexity’s win at the Intel Extreme Masters American Finals in New York City. The interview dives into who Gabriel is as a person and a player, but also about coL as a team and what the team’s goals are for the near future.

An excerpt from the interview can be found below:


Your team masterfully took 4th place on WCG 2010 in LA. Are you happy or you think you could perform better?

I think we are moving step by step. We went to the tourney thinking in a top3 and fighting against Frag Executors for that position was awesome for us. We could have done better but I think we had good matches against all the teams we lost to which is good.

You won Evil Geniuses in IEM America in the final a few days ago. Tell please about this game, did you expect this victory?

We were very focused on the match. We had an unexpected hard match against DiNC and somehow I think that match being that hard helped us. We had beaten Evil Geniuses in the Pan-American event here in Brazil and our victory was questioned by some people because they had Tubby instead of their in game leader. So somehow this could be called as our rematch and I knew that it was not going to be easy. They are really good and I’m proud of my team.

How do you think, who is the best AWP player of the world? (one or more)

I think Sunde, markeloff, pasha and GoodRifle are memorable snipers.


The full interview can be found by clicking here.