FalleN Makes Top 3 @ IEM List

BY Andrew Miesner / March 9, 2011

Following the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship in Hannover, Germany last week, HLTV.org compiled a list of the top players of the event, based on both stats and impact for their team. coL’s Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo made #3 on the list, after being one of the top three awpers of the event as well as the leading entry frag player.

HLTV.org provided the following information for the #3 spot:


After showing signs of his skill at ESWC and WCG last year, the latest Brazilian superstar Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo went full out in this tournament and showed us his best performance at a major event until now. However, that wasn’t enough for some more notable success, as compLexity got knocked out in the quarter-final.

Toledo was the player who carried his team the most at this tournament, with a rating 25% better than his team’s average. His best performance was in his team’s key match at the end of group stage against mTw, when he recorded a 1.97 rating. He was also the only bright spot in his team against Na´Vi in the quarter-final, while doing some amazing work with the AWP.

He ended up as the shared 2nd best awper of the tournament with an excellent 0.27 awpKPR. In addition to that he was the 2nd best fragger overall with a great 0.83 KPR and was by far the best entry fragger of the tournament, which certainly brought his team many rounds.



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