Firezerg’s SC2 Story

BY Andrew Miesner / March 10, 2011

In a new series by ESEANews, coL’s Sam “Firezerg” Prowse gives his Starcraft 2 story. He explains his gaming past, as well as his life outside of the game. Below is an excerpt from the original story:


My SC2 Future: With the amount of hours I put into gosucoaching, my short-term goals are to stay competitive in matches and tournaments. I want to be a strong starter for my team, especially in ESEA league.

My Team: CompLexity-Gaming is a great group of guys who are all very talented players. We recently lost our manager, Brett, which was tough, although our confidence remains unshaken. As a newer team to the competitive scene, we have a lot to prove right now, and we’re all very motivated to make our mark in competitive SC2. We have been playing well so far in ESEA League and in clan matches and hope to continue to do so!


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