Fnatic Interviews Jason Lake

BY Andrew Miesner / April 27, 2011

CompLexity CEO Jason “1” Lake was recently interviewed by Fnatic on their site. The interview dives into Jason’s gaming past as well as his thoughts on the present for both eSports and CompLexity Gaming.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:


You have been in eSports for an extremely long time; many of the newer players and fans don’t even remember or realize eSports went well past the last two years.  What do you think were the biggest landmarks in your personal eSports career?

Yeah, it’s humorous to me to hear the new fans talk about today’s scene as if it’s the emergence of some new and innovative concept.  It’s also frustrating that some of them have so little knowledge of or respect for the stars of old.  History is important and I wish there was some efficient way to educate them about the people who paved the road when they were 8-10 years old.  I guess it’s just a symptom of our digital age and its insane rate of change.

As far as any landmarks, I’d have to point to the times we were fortunate enough to win championships.  Events like ESWC, Intel Summer, CAL-I’s, CEVOs, etc, where we stood on top of the world, if only briefly, always bring a smile to my face.  Also, it was (and still is) a pleasure working with great young gamers who give you their best and work their asses off every day.  That makes every day and every relationship a landmark in some way.

Are there any plans for you to come back and manage compLexity full time like previously?

Now that I have a family I doubt I’ll ever return to the crazy full time schedule I once held with compLexity.  However, as I mentioned, I’m here every day and actively involved with all decisions.  I also plan on attending more events and being more of a public face once again.

Do you think there is still a rivalry between coL and EG?

Honestly I think there will always be a rivalry because we’re the two strongest brands in the Americas.  However, the current state of affairs is EG is kicking our ass.  Their massive funding has put them in a power position and I greatly respect them for what they have accomplished.  We’ll be working to change that status over the coming years. 😉


To read the full interview, click here.