Fnatic Wins GameGune

BY Andrew Miesner / July 24, 2010

Coming from the Lower Bracket and having sent home Arbalet Dallas winners Na`Vi, Fnatic has managed to win the GameGune 2010 event.

Taking on the Frag eXecutors team, Fnatic came out strong, taking the first half of de_train by the score of 13-2. Unfortunately for them, FX showed why they belonged in the finals by coming back and equalizing the match, sending it to an unexpected overtime. With both teams at the top of their game, the first overtime resulted in a tie. However, in the second overtime, Fnatic managed to pull ahead and take the map, and moving the finals to 1 more map.

On de_nuke, Fnatic pulled ahead for the second time in as many matches but once again FX proved that they wouldn’t go down easily. With the score at 13-13, Fnatic finally made their push to the finish and took the map and the championship by the score of 16-13.

With this win, Fnatic will take home €12,000, while FX will take home €6,000.


Image courtesy of HLTV.org