Fnatic Wins IEM Shanghai

BY Andrew Miesner / August 1, 2010
Having won GameGune last week, Fnatic came into IEM5 Shanghai with the motivation they needed to take grab another victory and take home the check for $14,000.

In the first half of their match vs Tyloo.raw on de_nuke, Fnatic jumped out to a 11-4 lead on the CT side of the map. In the second half, Fnatic managed to grab the pistol round and essentially secure map one. After several clutch situations from Rasmus “Gux” Ståhl, Fnatic officially took the first map by the score of 16-7.

Going into the second map of de_train, Fnatic jumped out to a huge lead yet again, putting the Chinese team in the deepest hole that they’ve faced all tournament, down 13-2. Luckily for them, Tyloo.raw managed to string a few rounds together and take control back by winning the first 8 rounds of the second half to make the score 13-10. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic regained their composure and secured the remaining rounds to not only take the map, but the first event of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5.

With this win, Fnatic has secured a spot in the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 Grand Finals for 2011.


Image courtesy of HLTV.org