fnatic wins IEM5

BY Andrew Miesner / January 23, 2011

Today was the Intel Extreme Masters 5 European Championship Finals, and fnatic came out as the victors against mTw Gaming.

The best of three started off on de_nuke where mTw won the match 16-11. This map was full of spam kills and agressive pushes from both sides. The second map waa de_train. This map really showed how close the two teams were in skill, and how badly both teams wanted to win. After a double overtime, fnatic wins with a score of 26-23. The final match was played on de_inferno. It was full of quick rounds and several strats that showcased the talents of both teams. At the end of the first half fnatic was down by one round with a score of 7-8 on the terroist side. As soon as the second half began, fnatic had CT side on lock. With several denied bomb plants and an epic clutch from Xizt, fnatic secured their victory and the title of IEM European Champions.

After watching the three matches, it is safe to say that the MVP of this matchup is Richard “Xizt” Landström


1. fnatic – $20,000
2. mTw – $9,500 + World Finals slot
3. Frag eXecutors – $5,500 + World Finals slot
4. Natus Vincere – $3,200 + World Finals slot
5-6. Lions – $2,150 + World Finals slot
5-6. Meet Your Makers – $2,150 + World Finals slot
7-8. TCM-Gaming – $1,500 + World Finals slot
7-8. SK Gaming – $1,500 + World Finals slot
9-10. forZe – $1,250
9-10. Electronic Sahara – $1,250
11-12. mousesports – $1,000
11-12. Alternate – $1,000