Former 4K to TCM

BY Andrew Miesner / May 23, 2009

TCM is proud to announce the return into CSS today. At Lan79, Eamon “Cauzed” Pakos had to replace Sadegh “Shadowman” Mohammadzadeh at the last minute, because his passport had expired. Shortly after Lan79, the team parted ways with 4Kings.

The team will be attending UKeSA, The-Experience, Multiplay i37 in the near future.


Jack “Callisto” Mason had the following to say:

TCM wanted a top team and so we have built one. We will be attending UKeSA, The-Experience, Multiplay i37 and possibly Outpost On Fire. We have a great lineup and practice has been going excellent so far.

Myself, George, Henry and James have all played in teams together before so we have alot of team play / strats there already. Then of course we needed that 5th player who was going to fit into the team and get along with everyone. That 5th was no other than Shadowman, a big fragger, team player and a great guy.

And so a new team begins. Hopefully this one is going to be around for a long time though! Thanks to both walkah and Xman for supporting us and bringing us into the Team-Coolermaster organisation.


Jack “Callisto” Mason
George “hudzG” Hoskins
Henry “HenryG” Greer
James “PEZ” Perrott
Sadegh “Shadowman” Mohammadzadeh

Source: Cadred