Fort Gay Gets Xbox Gamer Banned

BY Andrew Miesner / September 9, 2010

In a story by the Charleston Gazette, they have informed the public about an Xbox gamer that received an XBL suspension because of the fact that he declared that he was from “Fort Gay.” With this declaration, Xbox officials took offense and issued a ban on his account for a few days.

Little did Microsoft’s Xbox team know, Fort Gay is a real place, and Josh Moore is really from there. His attempts to inform Xbox support of this issue fell on deaf ears. Moore insisted that the support personnel look up the zip code and name as proof. Unfortunately for Moore, the support staff refused to do so and even went so far as to threaten a permanent ban on his account with no refund if he kept it up.

Luckily, after days of attempted reasoning with the Xbox team, Moore received recognition of their mistake from Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement at Xbox. According to the town’s Mayor, Microsoft has not reached out to anyone from the town to issue an apology, however Moore’s account ban has been lifted.

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