FoV to Mousesports

BY Andrew Miesner / March 18, 2009

FoV Joins MousesportsThe Warcraft 3 veteran Dae Hui “FoV” Cho has made headlines again this time signing with the German organization Mousesports. The reason for the addition of FoV is to take the weight of the shoulders of Dennis ‘HasuObs‘ Schneider, Wei ‘Fly100%‘ Liang Lu and Huang ‘TH000‘ Xiang.

FoV had this to say about his new team and teammates.

Finally I found a promising team and I’m happy to play with Fly, HasuObs & TH000. They are my favourite players for ages now and also very very good friends of mine. So I’m definitely looking forward to play in Mousesports.

Mousesports Warcraft 3 Roster:

Germany Dennis ‘HasuObs‘ Schneider
Korea, South Dae Hui ‘FoV‘ Cho
China Wei ‘Fly100%‘ Liang Lu
China Huang ‘TH000‘ Xiang


Source: Sk Gaming and mYm