FoV wins ZOTAC #71

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2009

This time the Koreans completely dominated ZOTAC with all four semi-finalists bring from Korea. Check, FoV, MichaeL and ReMinD had to battle it out for the 100€ grand prize.

In the Grand Finals FoV battled it out with ReMinD. ReMinD, however, seemed to fear the recent Undead domination over Night Elf. In the first two games he opted to try to play as Orc instead. This pretty much ended in FoV’s domination.

In the first two maps, ReMinD showed that he can play the Orc race on a decent level, but too many mistakes in both games gave FoV two fairly easy wins.

In the third map ReMinD chose to go back to his much preferred Night Elves, however this truly seemed to be FoV’s day. With perfect timing, FoV attacked the Night Elf base with Ghouls and a Death Knight. FoV managed to kill all the Archers and the Demon Hunter. After this ReMinD finally regained some control, but FoV’s constant harrasment kept the game at his advantage. Shortly after, ReMinD decided to leave the game realizing that he had been flat out beaten by the well-played Undead army of FoV

Congratulations to FoV!