Frag Dominant Quake3 2v2 Cup

BY Andrew Miesner / December 31, 2008

Team Frag Dominant and Razer Team Up To Bring You the Frag Dominant Quake 3 2v2 Cup

Razer is proud to be working with Orlando “Hanzo” Garcia, manager of team Frag Dominant. Frag Dominant is more notably known in the Quake community for their recent expansion and acquisition of Sebastian “Spart1e” Siira and Kévin “Strenx” Baéza and is now hosting their first Quake 3 North American 2vs2 Cup.

Frag Dominant in cooperation with MSI, Power Color and Cooler Master will be featuring their latest hardware to be given away as prizes to the Top 3 teams. The tournament registrations will remain open until January 4th, and will be set to launch January 7th, to be concluded in later February 2009.

Coverage of the event as well as updates and further details can be found at Frag Dominant’s tournament page. We would like to thank Next Generation Servers for providing high performance servers spread across North America for all tournament matches to be played on. Match commentary will be provided by, and a special thanks to MSI, Power Color, and Cooler Master for their support of the tournament and contributions to the hardware prizing.
Quote from Host Orlando Garcia

“We love the community and so does Razer. I am very proud to have Razer sponsoring our tournament as well as our partners MSI, Power Color and Cooler Master. We’re looking forward to some awesome matches with the best talent of Quake 3 in North America”

Team Frag Dominant and Razer would also like to thank and acknowledge our Tournament Director Joe “Syn” Radkowski for his contributions to the organization of the cup and for his assistance as Manager of the officiating staff.

Registration is free and is open to anyone who has a teammate and enjoys playing Quake 3 2vs2. Happy Holidays and we look forward to some awesome matchups!

For more information and Click HERE. To register and to visit the tournament page, click HERE.

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About Frag Dominant, LLC.:
Frag Dominant is a professional eSports organization founded in November of 2006 by Orlando “hanzo” Garcia. Starting out as a simple Counter-Strike team, the organization quickly expanded to encompass some of North America’s finest divisions and dedicated staff. In early 2008, Frag Dominant officially became a Limited Liability Company (LLC.) and has since made great strides in the North American eSports arena. Taking into consideration the loyal sponsors, trustworthy members, and supportive community, Frag Dominant has all of the proper necessities to be simply paramount. For more information, please visit

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