Fragmasters: Tox!c New Roster

BY Andrew Miesner / March 9, 2009

CS:SWith HenryG taking off for 4Kings, Fragmasters needed a new fifth. But, Fragmasters has done more than that and actually added a few to their new roster. While these players may not be known in the Counter-Strike: Source scene they are definitely going to get their chance to be known on this shocking new team.

Luke “KritikL” Green released this statement:

Basically, after the dramatics of the last year or so it is time to go back to basics and back to choosing friends over skills. In my ten years of experience this is the only thing that has produced a really top class team. Yeah, it took us 4-5 years but we got there in the end.


 The new roster is as follows:

Zak “ZT” Thresher
Chris “Bowzar” Bowey
Callum “sulphh” Buckley
Dan “re1ease” Mullen
Luke “KritikaL” Green – Team Captain


Source: Cadred