FXO Acquires the Korean Team fOu

BY Andrew Miesner / July 18, 2011

Today, in a surprise announcement, the international StarCraft II team FXO has acquired the Korean team fOu. Donning the new name FXO Korea, the former fOu team will continue to play in Korean tournaments while the current FXO lineup focuses on the ‘foreign’ scene.

According to the announcement, “FXO will provide money to FXOKorea monthly, and will also provide flight/hotel fees for foreign tournaments, and they will also be able to practice in the malaysia practice house. fOU will be wearing FXO’s uniform starting Week 6 of GSTL, and depending on record they will even be able to get a salary.” In addition to wearing FXO uniforms, the former fOu team will change their tag to FXO (FXOsc, FXOChoya, etc.).

In terms of management, “Choya will maintain his job as manager/headcoach of anything in Korea for FXO. Whereas unstable is now the permanent manager and headcoach for FXO abroad.” Also, “Players in all of FXO will be eligible for the team league based on internal rankings, and at the same time, the ex fOu house is made available to the rest of FXO. Thus FXO has 2 team locations available to them in Asia.”

While this is a surprise, it isn’t completely out of left field. Earlier this month, FXO announced that they would be sending ChoyafOu to MLG Anaheim as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for helping FXO while they are in Korea.