FXOpen Invitational Expands Prize Money and Format

BY Andrew Miesner / June 9, 2011

One of the most popular online StarCraft II events is the FXOpen Invitational Series. Featuring players from around the globe duking it out against one another, the Invitational prides itself on providing eSports fans with matches they’d never see normally.

Today FXOpen announced that it has boosted its prize pool to $5,000. In addition to the expanded prize pool, FXOpen also announced that it will be changing its format. While previous Ivitationals saw all the invited players lumped into one big bracket, the next Invitational will see a series of qualifiers for the Europe, Korean, and America n servers (SEA will be included in the American qualifiers).

Four players will qualify from a pool of 32 from each region, and they will be joined by four other invited players, including MarineKing, the defending FXOpen Invitational Champion, in the final sixteen-man playoff bracket.

Staying true to FXOpen’s international focus, the commentary for the Invitational will be broadcasted on four different streams in four different languages. The english stream will feature the GSL Code A caster Wolf along with Unstable. Khaldor will handle the German broadcast, Slukad the Russian, and miDnight the Chinese.

The qualifiers will span three weekends, with Europe on June 11th, America on the 18th, and Korea on the 26th. The final event will be held on July 1st and if guaranteed to give SC2 fans some amazing games.

Source: Esfiworld