G4TV.com To Stream Idra vs Jinro

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2011

G4TV has announced that they will be streaming the February 21st, 2011 showmatch “Clash of the Titans” which include Jinro and Idra. The showmatch is being put on for the fans and will be played in a best of seven format for $1500.

The format will be played on the following maps: Xel’Naga, Crossfire SE, Shakuras, Terminus RE, Lost Temple, Crevass, Metalopolis.

Prize: $1500.00 to the winner of the showmatch.
Where: iNcontroLTV
When: 2:00PM PST, 4:00PM Central, 5:00PM EST

After the showmatch there will be an interview with Geoff “incontrol” Robinson about his brand new SC2 tournament called North American StarCraft League.

The orignal post can be found here for all the information on the showmatch.