GameGune Group Update

BY Andrew Miesner / July 22, 2010

The first day of GameGune has come to a close and 14 teams have made it out to the next day of action. Included in those 14 are the likes of mouz, Na`Vi, fnatic and FX.

Fnatic proved they were in perfect CS shape after taking off during Arbalet Dallas to attend a PR trip by putting up over 20 rounds in every match they played. Against dellum Fnatic managed to win by the score of 23-7. Against Antwrep Aces, the score was 21-9 and against prodigy-esc the final score was 25-5.

Na`Vi, fresh off their win at Arbalet Dallas, managed to nearly do the same, however a close call against D4Gaming stopped the streak, winning by only 4 rounds.

The action will continue tomorrow with the bracket stage of play.


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