GGL Sued by Game Hosting

BY Andrew Miesner / October 2, 2009

The American gaming organization, GGL, has been successfully sued by Game Hosting for $40,000 in Swedish courts.

Game Hosting, who had agreed to host one of GGL’s properties, ClanBase, is looking to recoup unpaid bills that started to mount until April 2008, when Game Hosting terminated the agreement based on the accumulation of debt.

Many in the community are aware of GGL’s dubious reputation in regards to the payment of prize money and other fees, and this seems to only confirm those doubts.

A statement was released to Crossfire by Game Hosting’s Sales Manager, Eirik Pedersen. It reads:

We have finished legal proceedings against GGL and we won. GGL lost in Swedish courts and GGL is judged to pay us what they owe. Since GGL is a US company the Swedish ruling must now be transferred to US courts and enforced there. GGL has owed us money for over 1 year now and counting. We have several times tried to resolve this before taking it to court but GGL didn’t even reply to our emails, letters or phone calls. Even when presented with court proceedings they chose not to reply/appear. GGL has turned out to be an extremely un-professional organization and we have to warn all other companies out there to not do business with this company. For the record I have to say that Mads has been very professional but he is not the person calling the shots so he could not do anything but forwarding everything to the US office.

I have also talked to other parties that GGL owes money and they would like to take their claim to court but unfortunately they do not have the resources to take their claim to court. It sometimes looks like GGL is planing on not paying out money since they know they most likely do not get sued. However there is good news for those parties, in US you can get affordable help in suing such companies as GGL as long as the claim is not to high. If other parties are interested in taking their claim to court, contact me and I will try and help. There may be a way that you can get the money you have rightfully earned.