GIGA TV Ceases Operations

BY Andrew Miesner / February 15, 2009

The German eSports station known as GIGA is set to cease operation by March 2009. The news broke out from CEO of GIGA, Stephan Borg who announced the news on his blog. For the time being, GIGA will only be showing re-runs of previous shows up until its demise this coming March. Overall, GIGA has been a huge success in the eyes of its viewers, and has had growing popularity over the recent months. The problem came to be though, when it becamedifficult to make their “TV programming relevant” with the ease of ability to gain their news off of websites that brought content on a quicker scale.

Stephen had this to say on the subject: “The time now is certainly not the same as before, it is therefore easy to understand the decision. Even though the organisation has been stronger these days, the challenges were too great.”

With the station ultimately ceasing operation, the website and community are still up in the air. From what has been announced, plans of future progress with possible partners are in the works to keep the remaining areas alive.