Global Challenge Chengdu

BY Andrew Miesner / August 27, 2009

The second Global Challenge stop will be taking place in Chengdu, China and will be taking place from October 1-3rd. The prize pot totals $65,000 for three games.

Counter-Strike, Warcraft3 and DOTA will be the three game titles. Counter-Strike prize pruse is $40,000, while DOTA tops out Warcraft3 with $15,000. Warcraft3 will be $10,000. Counter-strike will be featuring 12 teams and Warcraft3 12 players. For Dota, we will see only 4 teams.

Warcraft3 and Dota are not official EM games, but because of their popularity in China it was the right choice to select these games.

The teams and players have not yet been announced. Stay tuned to as we bring you updates on the second Global Challenge stop.

Prize Pots

Counter-Strike: $40,000
DotA: $15,000
Warcraft 3: $10,000