GOMtv 2nd Arena of Legends: King of Kongs

BY Andrew Miesner / December 27, 2011

Today GSL host Gomtv announced it’s first Arena of Legends tournament of 2012. This online tournament features some of the best players Korean players, however there’s a twist. Unlike the previous AoL tournament, which just featured amazing players, this new AoL has a theme, “The King of Kongs.”

In order to get the joke you’ll need a little StarCraft history course. One of the most famous players from the Brood War days was the Zerg YellOw. While he is known for his rivalry with “the emperor” SlayerS_Boxer, YellOw is best known for always taking second place, never first. Yellow’s nickname was Kong, the Korean word for bean, because he was tall and thin like a bean plus his name is Hong (which sounds similar). So, with this in mind, this new AoL tournament features players who made it to the finals of a major tournament, but couldn’t take home the gold.

The player list includes:

StarTale_Hopetorture (T) – 2010 GSL Open Season 1 2nd
MarineKing_Prime (T)       – 2010 GSL Open Season 2 2nd
                                        – 2011 GSL January 2nd
                                        – 2011 GSL World Championship 2nd
StarTale_July (Z)              – 2011 GSL March 2nd
oGs_InCa (P)                   – 2011 GSL May 2nd
IM_LosirA (Z)                   – 2011 GSL July 2nd
oGs_TOP (T)                    – 2011 GSL August 2nd
FXO_Leenock (Z)             – 2011 GSL November 2nd
coLMVP_DongRaeGu (Z)       – 2011 GSL Blizzard CUP 2nd

Starting on January 2nd and running though the 5th, the AoL will cost you $4.99 for the VoDs with ads or $9.99 without ads. If you purchased the 2012 Yearly GSL Premium/Premium+ Ticket you’ll get this AoL for free. At such a low price there’s really no excuse to not watch this tournament, especially considering coLMVP_DongRaeGu will be playing in it. If you haven’t already, go pick up a ticket here so you can bring in the New Year by rooting for compLexity.MVP!