GomTV Global SC2 League

BY Andrew Miesner / August 5, 2010

Coming this September GomTV presents Global StarCraft II League. For the remainder of 2010 there is $500,000 in prize money planned. GomTV is planning on having monthly tournaments that will lead into a main tournament and a world championship for GSL 2010 and GSL 2011.

Every month there will be an Open StarCraft II League with $170,000 in prize money. Five days a week, matches will be broadcasted live on GomTV. All players will be divided into upper and lower league based on their performance in 2010 for 2011.

The former StarCraft Leagues ran 4 different leagues at once, so the players had hard time focusing. Even the fans will be able to enjoy it more with many games a week. Before, only players in progaming teams were able to participate, but anyone can participate at a professional level in this league. Nationality and team involvement is not necessary as long as players have the skills to do well in the monthly leagues and move up to the upper league. –  Oh Joo Yang, GomTV e-sports representative

Prize Money

 Winner: $85,700 USD
 Runner-Up: $25,700 USD
 Semi-Finalists: $8,600 USD
 Quarter-Finalists: $3,400 USD
 Round of 16: $1710 USD
 Round of 32: $430 USD
 Round of 64: $260 USD


You can find out more about the rules, schedule, format, eligibility and more at Teamliquid.