GOMtv Release March GSTL bracket

BY Andrew Miesner / March 15, 2011

With the GSL March season finals close at hand, eSports fans are eagerly awaiting the next big Korean StarCraft II event. Much like the previous season of the GSL, GOMtv will be holding a special GSL Team League event starting on March 21st.

Today GOMtv released the bracket for this upcoming season of the GSTL. It should come as no surprise that last season’s champions, team Incredible Miracle, have earned the #1 seed and that runner-up team StarTale will be in the #2 slot.

March GSTL Bracket

Obviously almost everyone is putting their money on team Incredible Miracle to win it all. They have two GSL champions in their ranks, NesTea and Mvp. It should be noted, however, that both NesTea and Mvp didn’t preform particularly well during the current GSL season. Both were sent to the Code A up & down matches.