GOMtv Reveals GSTL March Map Pool

BY Andrew Miesner / March 17, 2011

Today GOMtv released the new map pool for their upcoming Global StarCraft II Team League tournament. Scheduled to start on March 21st, the GSTL will feature nine maps, seven of which gamers are already familiar with (Crevasse, Crossfire SE, Metalopolis, Tal’Darim Altar, Terminus RE, Xel’Naga Caverns and the recently added ladder map Typhon Peaks). There are also two new maps that are being introduced.

The first new map is Dual Sight. Featuring 10 bases (2 gold) and 2 Xel’naga Watch Towers, this map is relatively small considering the previous maps GOMtv has used. The rush distance isn’t ridiculously close though, taking 28 seconds to move from natural expansion to natural expansion.

The other new map is called Xel’naga Fortress. The first thing that stands out about this map is that it’s a 3 player map. It features 12 bases (0 golds) and one Xel’naga watch tower in the center. The rush distance is is 29 seconds from natural to natural, so it’s almost identical in size to Dual Sight.

Dual Sight by LSPrime (TL.net discussion thread)

Xel’Naga Fortress by JackyPrime (TL.net discussion thread)

Typhon Peaks by Blizzard


For a detailed look at the new maps, click here.