GOMtv To Stream TSL

BY Andrew Miesner / March 18, 2011

Todays mainstay of the StarCraft community, Team Liquid, announced that its upcoming StarCraft II tournament, the TSL3 (Team Liquid Star League) will be broadcasted in Korea by GOMtv. This will be the first time a “foreign” eSports tournament will be streamed to Korean audiences. Commentary will be provided by the popular Korean caster “Gisado.”

GOMtv released the following statement about the TSL3:


GomTV continued to act upon their interest in the non-Korean Starcraft II scene, announcing that they would provide live streaming and VOD services for Korean viewers of TSL3. This was the second major development to emerge this week regarding GomTV and the foreign Starcraft II scene, following previous news that GomTV would invite the winner of the Swedish Rakaka Logitech Tournament to compete in Korea. Earlier in the week, GomTV had released a statement regarding their future e-Sports plans following the present GSL season, which included unspecific remarks regarding their strong desire to cooperate with international tournaments.

GomTV provided a basic overview of the TSL3 tournament in their announcement, but did not provide specific details such as a possible Korean announcing team for their videos. Although the announcement came only days before the start of TSL3, Korean Starcraft II fans were already somewhat aware of the tournament through the reporting of the news site PlayXP.com


The TSL3 kicks off this Saturday, March 19th at 2:00 p.m. EDT. English commentary will be provided by Chill, Day9, djWHEAT, and Husky. To tune in, head over to TeamLiquidTV at the aforementioned time. To check out the player list and map pool click here.