GomTV With A New Caster

BY Andrew Miesner / March 6, 2011

GomTV just announced that they have invited a new caster to their staff crew, Erik “doa” Lonnquist.  You can find some of his casts on his youtube channel, DoaStarcraft.  Erik will be exclusively casting code A matches with Kellymilkies.  His casting journey with GomTV will start on March 7, 2011, and we wish him luck on this amazing opportunity.  You can follow him on Twitter as well by clicking here.

A new commentator, Erik “doa” Lonnquist will be joining us today! Erik will be commentating with Kelly for Code A matches. Erik has live commentated matches involving many of the top North American players such as Drewbie, dde, and Fenix. He has also casted live matches featuring some top EU server players such as HayprO, Sjow, and Bly. Some of the events Erik has worked for include US Craft Cup, Alert Open Cup, Prototype Cup, and tQ Open series. Don’t forget to tune in at 6:10PM KST (+9 GMT) today to see the new casting duo in action. Thank you.


For more information about Erik “doa” Lonnquist, you can find his short biography by clicking here.