GosuGamers and Global Gaming Alliance Announce Global SC2 Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / April 10, 2012

Today GosuGamers announced that it has partnered with the Global Gaming Alliance to provide coverage for the 2012 Global StarCraft II Online Tournament. Featuring sixteen qualifiers that will lead into a 32-player grand final tournament this December, the tournament had already confirmed that several big name players will be participating, including:

  • aL.Naama
  • mouz.Thorzain
  • mouz.Mana
  • mTw.Dimaga
  • mTw.TT1
  • coL.Ganzi
  • coL.Heart
  • GoSu.Vibe
  • GoSu.Stx
  • Dignitas.Sjow
  • Dignitas.Select
  • Tt.WhiteRa
  • xSix.Sleep
  • xSix.Mystik

Jordan Goodman, the GGA Manager had this to say:

Hi everyone. I’d like to finally introduce the Global Gaming Alliance (GGA) to the gaming communities.  Over the last few months, the GGA has built a unique tournament experience for all gamers to battle it out on internet.  We want to find the best players out there, and not only will you get bragging rights for the rest of the year but the winner receives an awesome $3,000 cash prize!

During the next 8 months, StarCraft 2 players will have the opportunity to compete for cash and product prizes through regional qualifiers.  If you are not a party within that region, there is nothing to worry about.  All you need is an account on that specific server to register. First place qualifier winners will be given a direct spot into our Grand Finals event taking place online on December 19th, 2012.  We will be working with Playhem & GosuGamers to bring you nail biting moments, alongside an even playing field for all players to have the chance to make it into the spotlight.

On top of all this, we will be provide multiple community events for everyone through Facebook, Twitter Youtube and even live poker events brought to you by Titan Poker.  We look forward to your comments and questions, and welcome your feedback.  We would like to make this event a re-occurring one, with the gamers leading the way.  


he first of these qualifiers is set to kick off on April 19th. If you think you have what it takes to make it to the grand final tournament, you can sign up here.

For the rules and the prize breakdown, click here.