Goswser in Stage 3 Qualifier for IEM Singapore

BY Andrew Miesner / October 28, 2012

American Stage 3 Qualifier – Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

Michael “Goswser” Dobler has managed to fight his way out of the first two IEM Singapore qualifiers to land himself in the 3rd and final stage. In the second stage, Goswser was knocked into the losers bracket by the Canadian Zerg, SLush who he then managed to beat 2-0 later in the loser’s bracket to secure the spot for the third round.

The third round is in a best-of-three double elimination format and contains a number of high class North American players. The top three places are awarded with a slot in the group stage of IEM Singapore, skipping the open bracket and although travel is not funded directly for winners, there is a guaranteed $950 as a cash prize.

Check out the brackets below:


Matches begin today (28th of October) at 8PM EST and will be broadcasted by ZanderFever.