goswser Takes 2nd in CSN’s playSTARCRAFT Points Cup #3

BY Andrew Miesner / November 9, 2011

Last night in Cyber Sports Network’s playSTARCRAFT Points Cup #3 tournament both compLexity and the compLexity Academy had an outstanding showing. CatZ, TriMaster, rsvp, Ryze and Minigun from coL.StarCraft II were participating while goswser was there representing the coL.Academy.

Minigun was eliminated in the first round by imbaoracle and Ryze fell in the second round to a team-kill by rsvp. Team-kills were the theme of the night as CatZ had to take down TriMaster in third round and goswser eliminated rsvp in the semi-finals. Unfortunately CatZ was eliminated by TSLHeart in the semi-finals as well. Ultimately, goswser fell to TSLHeart in the finals, with CatZ and rsvp taking third and fourth place respectively.

Even though he didn’t win, we at the compLexity Academy are very proud of goswser. Just a few days ago he took second place in the Playhem $75 Daily and had an impressive 5-0 run in Thundertoss’s Top200 King of the Hill. With this latest result added to his resume, there’s no denying that goswser has really stepped his game up.

Despite goswser’s recent success, the compLexity Academy has been having a rough time in the ESEA StarCraft II league. Last night the Academy lost it’s third game in a row, this time to the team Nightmares. The members of the Academy are aware of why they lost and are hard at work straightening out any kinks in their game. With a renewed focus on how to improve their play, the Academy looks to get it’s first win on Friday when they take on Area51 Gaming.