Goswser Takes 2nd in the Playhem $75 Daily

BY Andrew Miesner / November 5, 2011

Last night in the Playhem $75 Daily coL.Academy member Goswser made quite a big splash, taking second place in tournament. As if getting second place wasn’t enough, Goswser had to take down the American Terran RuFF, the Grandmaster Protoss PswBoSs and top Korean player coLMVPTAiLS. Ultimately Goswser fell to the European Zerg player PeGaSuS in the finals, earning him second place and $20.

Once that Playhem $75 Daily was over, Goswser participated in Thundertoss’s Top200 King of the Hill where he went 5-0 taking down another top Korean player, FnaticMSI.Rain. For that stellar run Goswser earned another $20.

Defeating both coLMVPTAiLS and FnaticMSI.Rain in one night shows just how much potential Goswser and the rest of the coL Academy have. With continued training and hard work there’s no question that Goswser and the other members of the coL Academy can reach the highest levels of success. We at the compLexiy Academy want to congratulate Goswser for such an amazing run.