Goswser vs Destiny – Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / February 27, 2012

Tonight, compLexity’s Goswser is in action as he takes on Destiny from Quantic Gaming in a best of seven showmatch hosted by ChanManV. The showmatch is intended to be a learning experience for viewers, with players walking the audience through their games as they compete.

According to ChanManV:


This episode we have the pleasure of having QxGDestiny and col.Goswser walk us through a ZvZ Best of 7 series. We will be taking turns following each player through a game where they will be talking through their play so we get a sense of their decision making and logic. Between games, we will get their feelings going into the next game. We will save the last 15 minutes for Q&A with viewers via skype. Join us and have some fun!


The showmatch is scheduled to start at 11PM EST and will be streamed live.