GotFrag Interviews bds

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2009

Recently GotFrag had a chance to sit down with Co-Managing Director of SK Gaming Andreas “bds” Thorstensson for an indepth interview. The interview touches base on the declining economy, the improvement of eSports and future planning for SK Gaming.

For those that don’t know, bds has been running with SK for quite sometime now and has played a irreplaceable roll within the organization. A real mover and shaker and is always constantly trying to improve eSports.

Here is a snippet from the interview below:

As the owner of a multi-game organization with teams competing in a wide variety of titles, what games do you see having the largest impact on professional gaming in the next year? Three years? Five years?

– Counter-Strike (But in what form? Will Valve release a real Counter-Strike 2?)
– World of Warcraft PvP (Blizzard are pushing this more and more, and with WoW being so hugely popular, this looks very interesting for the future.)
– Starcraft 2 (Do I need to say more? Finally a more united and international RTS scene).
– Quake (QuakeLive can and should make a huge impact on the market. I think having a DM FPS is key, it is what created eSport in the first place).”

You can find the full interview: HERE