GotGames Launches TV Show

BY Andrew Miesner / March 18, 2009

GotGames has announed that it will be launching Australia’s first show dedicated to Australian ESports. This show is scheduled to launch in late April/early May and will have a run time of 30 minutes and will air in Hi-Definition. Below is the statement about GGTV.

2008 was an incredible year for GotGames. From a shiny new website to the incredibly popular webpug, GotGames has had a great year by all accounts. With our sponsorship with SteelSeries and now AMD jumping on board as well, GotGames is set to grow even bigger in 2009. GotGames and AMD have an Xbox 360 to give away, with details to be released on Monday. All this couldn’t have been possible without the huge team putting in incredible amounts of work and time to make GotGames what it is. GotGames has become a community focused website that has provided so much enjoyment to many thousands of users. Our partnership with CEVO (resulting in the incredibly popular GGCEVO competitions) just keeps getting bigger and better and is still the only place in Australia where you can play with the knowledge that you are getting a cheat free experience because of the all famous CMN anti cheat system.

Not resting on our laurels, GotGames has some exciting new products in the pipeline which will be great news for Australian E-Sports. Firstly, GotGames is proud to announce the launch of GotGames TV (GGTV) which as you can see by the announcement is a TV show based of the biggest competitions in Australia for Counter Strike Source, Call of Duty World at War and FIFA 09. This has long been a dream of mine to get an Australian E-Sports TV show that is dedicated to hardcore gaming and I really look forward to releasing the first episode in April along with 3 more episodes in 2009.

Now on GotGames, not only do you have chance to play against the best teams in the best competitions in Australia but you have the chance to star in a TV show that will be watched by hundreds of thousands of people. We have now planned out the entire year in advance to coincide with GGTV. The first episode will be released two thirds of the way through Season 1 of GGCEVO and the second episode will be released just after the completion of the season.

Due to popular demand, the professional competitions are being revamped in 2009. We are going back to Sunday Night E-Sports Night. The two professional divisions of Counter Strike Source and Call of Duty World at War will be playing all of their games at 7:30 and 8:30 every Sunday night. Each game will have a preview up by Friday and a full write-up written about the games by Monday. The other great news is that GotGames is happy to announce the solidification of an already blossoming relationship with Gamestah, Australia’s shoutcasting professionals. They have agreed to provide video on demand coverage for the Call of Duty World at War Professional games that will allow you to watch your favourite teams such as Team Immunity as they play while hearing professional sports casters give you a detailed breakdown of the action.

2009 sees GotGames jump headfirst into the world of FIFA 09 which is one of the most popular games around the world. GotGames is proud to announce the first of many FIFA 09 LANs in Sydney and Melbourne which will see the best of the best fight it out to be the best FIFA player in Australia. Along with that, GotGames will be running an online competition that sees some incredible prizes being given away such as a Australian International Jersey signed by Mark Bosnich, 2 A-League Jerseys signed by 6 players from Sydney and Central Coast and 3 signed A-League Footballs.

If you have already jumped aboard the GotGames train, then it’s time to check out The Home of Australian E-Sports and see what all the fuss is about. If you haven’t, we recommend you get on board now!

There were auditions for a femal host position and Annette “Annette” Melton was chosen to be the face of GGTV from a very large selection. Below is a youtube video of some of her work.

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