Gravitas Expresses Disappointment

BY Andrew Miesner / March 26, 2009

GravitasGravitas has said in an exclusive interview for that they are extremely disappointed with being placed on a waiting list for the ESWC Cheonan Masters tournament in May.

Crack Clan’s team captain Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen has stated that the list is a complete joke, and Gravitas also showed disagreements about being put on the waiting list.

Alex “Vansilli” Nguyen, the manager of Gravitas said:

Wow I mean, I just read about the news now of the list of invited teams and I would agree with lurppis that some of the choices are ridiculous. What I would disagree about the most is the choice of Evil Geniuses over us. That my friend, is quite the bull****. Maybe they held on to the fact that three of those players won the ESWC for the Americans in 2006, but just like lurppis said, they haven’t accomplished anything since then.


Unless one team decides to drop out, Gravitas does not stand a chance making an appearance at the ESWC Cheonan Masters tournament.

Source: mYm