Gravitas Gaming No More

BY Andrew Miesner / August 31, 2009

Update (9/2/09) – Gravitas Gaming has officially closed their doors.

According to various sources, Gravitas Gaming has dropped their CS 1.6 team. The news comes, even as the Gravitas CS team actively competes in various professional leagues and tournaments. Along with this shocking news, comes rumors that Gravitas Gaming will be shutting its doors in the near future, marking the end of one of North America’s premier organizations.

Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol had this to say to compLexity Gaming:

We appreciate what gravitas did for us while we were their cs team and they were always true to their word. It just seems the ownership has come to a point in their lives where they want to move on so I respect their decision. We are gonna keep playing cs as a team though so in that respect nothing has changed.

Former Gravitas Gaming CS 1.6:
United States Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol
United States Ben “ben[st]” Hui
United States Derrick “impulsive” Truong
United States Thomas “thoMz” Garcia

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