Gravitas Invited to KODE5

BY Andrew Miesner / February 9, 2009

Recently it was announced that x3o would be the first of three teams to be invited to the KODE5 USA Finals in Dallas, Texas on March 14th. The next team that has been invited is none other that Gravitas Gaming. Gravitas has done a fantastic job solidifying themselves as a top contender in the American scene since their new additions before the recent x3o Winter Classic. I caught up with Derrick “impulsivE” Truong for his thoughts on the invite.

It feels good to be invited to compete with the best in the USA and get a chance to represent the country. It will be the first tournament that you see the top teams before the CGS died vs the top teams that came out of the CGS. There will surely be a statement to make for all the teams that get invited.

x3o Winter Classic was a test to see how our team chemistry was with the addition of 2 new players. We know individually we out-skilled most teams there, but as a team we failed to win the tournament; we have been working on this. Before the KODE5 USA finals we will be competing with the worlds best teams at the ESL World Finals in Germany, so hopefully we carry over our experience and positive energy from that tournament, and build up our teamwork even more.

The third team is to be announced this week so stay tuned to for up to the minute coverage when the final team is made public!