GreenBerets add Evolution

BY Andrew Miesner / January 21, 2009

According to, GreenBerets have picked up Evolution for the next CEVO season:

Scott “Evolution” Cavallero formerly of Frag Dominant will be joining the Green Berets for the upcoming CEVO season. Cavallero will be sitting in for Dara “phrozen” Nhep as he takes time off to focus on school. When asked about his feelings towards joining the Green Berets, Cavallero went on to say:

“I feel confident about the move and the that this is a great way to keep my skill up without falling too far behind the curve.”

The roster count currently stands at six, with Dara “phrozen” Nhep remaining a backup player. The team heads into CEVO-Main Season 10 with a strong lineup which looks to cause damage.

James “Jame^s” O’Connor noted the talent of his team’s pickup, “Scott is an all around player who’s skill and experience makes him a rare commodity. He will bring the much needed depth to our lineup”.

When asked if this is a permanent move or just a temporary fill in for Nhep, Cavallero responded “We’re just going with the flow for now.”

GB’s current roster is:

 James “Jame^s” O’Connor
 Ted “LuckeyTed” Weinrich
 Josh “pinekone” Springer
 CJ “peachie” Spilewski
 Scott “evolution” Cavallero
 Dara “phrozen” Nhep


Source and image: Gotfrag